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Naughty Elf adventures at Woof 'n' Tales

Updated: Dec 27, 2018

We thought it would be fun to do 24 naughty elf photos with our own poochies. Hope you enjoy looking at them as much as we enjoy doing them!

1st Dec
1st Dec and the naughty Elf didn't get far with Ice's food!

2nd Dec
Bailey wasn't impressed that the naughty elf was eating his biscuit!

Dec 3rd
Peaches biscuit - get off!

4th Dec - Get off my chew!

5th Dec - Get me out of here!!
6th Naughty elf decorating Peaches!
7th Naughty elf trying to cover Baileys eyes
Naughty Elf
8th - Naughty elf putting Ice in a bag!!

Naughty elf
9th Dec - Naughty elf breaking Peaches toy!!
Naughty elf
10th Dec - Bailey told to zip it by naughty elf :(

11th Dec - Naughty Elf letting rip in Ice's face!!!

12th Dec Ice getting his own back!

13th Dec - Peaches not impressed by naughty elf bothering her sleep!

14th Dec - Naughty elf trying to get Bailey into trouble

15th Dec - Naughty elf pleeding for forgiveness

16th Dec - Elf mistaking Ice for a wreath

17th Dec - Naught Elf taking the poochies calendar

18th Dec - Ice has had enough of the naughty elf.

19th Dec - Baileys had enough of naughty elf!

20 Dec - Naughty elf trying to steal Ice's ball

Naughty elf waking up Peaches!

Naughty elf trying to pull down the xmas tree!

23 Dec - Naughty elf trying to wrap Bailey up!

24th Dec - Naughty Elf stopping mum having a tipple!

Happy Christmas from all at Woof 'n' Tales

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