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Puppy Class Information

Welcome to Woof n Tales Puppy Class!

We are here to help, training the owners to support good behaviours in their puppies.

Looking forward to seeing you all 4th June 24, 7-8pm. We please ask that you are on time, especially for the 1st class as we need to show you where to go. We will be inside our new 'Dog House'. For 1st class we ask if you could wait at the bottom of the drive and wait to be called up. Please do not come up and ring the door bell (you will disturb my dogs and boarding dogs)

There is no parking on site and we keep the large gate shut/locked for safety of all dogs. If there are any disabilities that require ramp access please let us know ahead of the class.  Please do not park over the white line/driveway, there is plenty of parking outside of Woof n Tales or the other side of the bus stop. If you are following google maps please enter 'Woof n Tales' and this should bring you straight here. We are opposite the school/playing fields/speed camera and 3 doors down from the Baglan Hotel. 

We ask a maximum of 2 people per puppy. Please ensure (as best you can) that your puppy has been to the toilet before class. Please ensure your pup hasn't eaten for at least 1-2 hours before class as you want them a little peckish.  If your dog does a poop on site you will be asked to take it with you. There are poo bins close by. 

Please bring LOTS of good treats with you, you may need your 'A Game' suggestion of smelly good treats, cheese, hot dog sausages, chicken, ham and the like. 

For the humans; sadly their are no toilet facilities on site.

We will each week have good natural treats, licki mats and much more for sale (cash or bank transfer), if you wish to have a selection you can pre-order before class so it is ready for you for ease. Below is the link to our shop. 

We are looking forward to seeing you all. Please remember this class is to build confidence and have fun. See you soon

Woof n Tales Shop

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