Puppy Classes

NEW!!! Group 6 week puppy class £85 

We have space for social distancing. Do not let your puppy struggle (Or you!) add a Puppy Swim or spa at a discounted rate.

To book yourself on please complete our booking form found on the menu bar.


We are able to train your puppies from their first injection at 9 weeks old. The earlier we can get them booked in the quicker we can support you and your puppy with good behaviours.

We also highly recommend our socialisation classes to allow your dog to interact with other like minded dogs. 

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Puppies/Dogs need to be occupied

It is important that Puppies/Dogs have fun things to do as they will get restless and will need to keep busy at those times you can't show them attention. Our Licki Mats are great for putting squeezy cheese or dog-friendly peanut butter on - pop in the freezer and this will last longer and it will help puppies who are teething.

Our handmade snuffle mats are great for hiding treats in, your dog will have fun trying to find the treats.

Please email or text to order.

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Small £15.50
Large £22

Puppy Food

Feed your dogs the best

Want the best for your dog?

Has your puppy got a unsettled tummy?

Stools loose?

A lot of poo's a day?

Fussy eaters?

We stock PRODOG Raw for all your puppy/dogs needs in lots of varieties. Stools will become chalky and fewer which means their tummies and digestion is good. Food comes in tubs so nice and clean and hygienic. You won't regret the switch - try today! Prices can be found on the top menu bar under Prodog Raw.

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Long Training Lines Various lengths £17-27
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Puppy Kong