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Over the next couple of weeks we are hoping to expand our business (if we meet the requirements of the RCT Council regulations) this will allow more numbers of dogs to be on site for day-care and over-night boarding. We trial every new dog to ensure they are friendly and get along with our existing pack and every dog will have in-date vaccinations including Kennel Cough. This is very exciting as it will mean more dogs on site to really help socialise your dog(s) and even more fun to be had!

The only problem is, is that the council have suggested we keep the day-care and over night-boarders separate so not to detract from the over-night boarding experience. HOWEVER we pride ourselves in socialising all the dogs on site and the more dogs.... the more fun everyone will have in a safe and secure environment.​ Boarders will have the same experiences as they have always had but with the added bonus of more dogs! Not all dogs want to be around more dogs 100% of the time so we have area's in the house that allow them to rest or separate themselves from the other dogs when they wish. What we are proposing is that the day time (between 8am and 6pm) all the dogs can play together off lead, learn how to be dogs and have the ability to interact with new dogs. 

We hope that by asking all our loyal customers their opinion on the matter we could ask the council whether we can mix all the dogs if our customers signed a disclaimer. Please could you spare us a minute or two to answer the following questions so we know if this suits everyone ; 

Would you like your dog who is either over-night boarding or day time day-care to socialise with each other?

Thank you for your time

Thanks for submitting!

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