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Small/Puppy Socialisation


Please arrive no earlier than 9:50am. We ask you wait at the bottom of the drive and wait to be called up.

We ask one at a time, one in and one out to keep the flow.

Parking: Please do not park over the white line or driveway. There are spaces outside the house or past the bus stop on the roadside. 

Goal: to have fun time away from the hoomans, safe fun and make new friends.

Please could you try to get them to poo before the session

Dogs MUST wear a collar/harness throughout the session.

Dogs MUST be friendly and get on with other dogs.

We will send photos/Videos throughout the session

Location: Woof n Tales, CF42 5AW

Shop local: we have a large range of products that can be found at the link below, if you would like anything please let us know by 6pm the day before the session. We accept cash or bank transfer (details can be sent) Please whatsapp on 07833 259137 with your order.

Big n Bouncy Socialisation


All details as above.

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